One Hundred Dollars a Month….

Yesterday I was going over our bank statement and noticed a lot of purchases at grocery stores, A LOT.  I added them up for the month of August and it came up just shy of $2200.  No, that wasn’t a typo, I wish it were.  So I looked over the months before that as well and it wasn’t looking any better.  Right then and there I decided we were going on a grocery store strike for the month of September.  We will not be stopping in to satiate every craving of our four member household.  No sir.

I came across a blog where the woman was feeding her family for one hundred dollars a month and that gave me the idea of that number.  Will we follow this after September, doubtful, but I can also tell you we won’t be spending $2200 on groceries either.  Strict budgets do not work for us, but some kind of guideline is in order to reign in the food spending.  By the end of September I hope to have the freezer and a big portion of the pantry used up.  I will use that as a starting point to move forward.


For now, I will go through the freezer and make a list of all the meat/protein we have as well as all other food in there.

WP_20150831_17_23_21_Pro WP_20150831_17_23_10_Pro

Next will be the pantry.  I will make note of side dishes, pasta, beans, lentils etc.. A separate list for condiments and baking goods will also be helpful in planning our next thirty days of meals.


The refrigerator will get used up first simply because that has mostly fresh vegetables and other items that go bad quickly.

My guess is that by the end of the month I will need to get creative with the meals, but I think I’ll also have a good portion of the allotted $100 dollars left to purchase food since right now we have tons of everything needed to make a lot of meals.

Every night I will post a picture of what we had for dinner on my Facebook page.  I will also post random updates as to what the freezer and pantry look like.  Lastly, will be my shopping trips.  I’m excited to do this and to have an actual plan.  In the past I’ve done my “we are using up the food we have” then fell off the wagon after a few days, but not this time.  I’ll just think of the $2200 and I’ll keep on track.

What I also hope to accomplish during the next 30 days is a more accurate and doable shopping habit/routine that will make for less waste and still allow for food that we enjoy.  Maybe all those crazy meal planners that go to the store with a shopping list aren’t so crazy after all…


5 thoughts on “One Hundred Dollars a Month….

  1. There are amazing apps that help you sort what is in your pantry. They even have Barcode scanners. I loved them when I first started reigning in my grocery shopping. My budget is $40 a week for two people. It even includes a picky eater. Best of luck to you!

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