Grocery Budget

This morning I had to go to the grocery store to buy a few things we needed for the upcoming week of dinners.  I wrote my list and only added one extra item while at the store, bananas.  My shopping trip included onions, celery, two loaves of bread, lettuce, and bananas which came to a total of $20.15.  In all honesty I thought I would be more in the $12 or so dollar range, so I was a tad shocked.  When I’m working with such a small budget I was hoping to have a bit more to carry over to the next week, but it looks like that won’t be happening.

budget calculation

One thing about sticking to this budget, shopping is much quicker, I went right for what I needed which meant skipping 90% of the store.  Next week, if I need anything I will pay a little more attention to prices.  This week the items I purchased I really didn’t need to do that.  Being mindful of what you throw in the cart is key and is pretty much a no brainer, but when that’s what you’ve been doing for years it can be a hard habit to break.

Shopping without the twinadoes was and will continue to be another key factor to sticking to the budget.  My little loves tend to toss whatever their little hearts desire into the cart, some of it gets put back but the majority comes home with us.  They will be hearing the word “no” a lot more, and yes, there will be tantrums.


Next week I already know I will need to buy some crackers and tomatoes for two of the dinners I have planned.  I could be over the top and make some baguettes in place of the crackers since I have all the ingredients on hand.  Not sure what I’ll do about that one.  There’s no doubt in my mind that I can make the $100 dollars last for the month, will I have much left, that I’m not sure.  What else I know, the months of $2200 on groceries has ended, not quite sure what I’ll set for a more reasonable amount for or family will be, that will take a little figuring out.

I know I’m lucky, I’m able to adjust my budget and doing a $100 for a month is a sort of test and wake up call for my family.  For some, this is their reality and their true budget.  Where I live (literally) I have million plus dollar homes to one side and on the other more reasonable priced homes.  We all shop at the same two grocery stores in town, but what I noticed this morning, was what is being put in those carts.  The conversations people have about what they can and cannot purchase.  On Facebook this morning someone posted a picture with a saying “when you have more than you need build a longer table not a higher fence”, something to think about.

Of course I’m curious as to what budgets people set for themselves, whether out of necessity or because they want to keep their spending in check.  Care to share?


10 thoughts on “Grocery Budget

  1. I love this post! Groceries, kids and budget is often a struggle for anyone and our family is no different. We are very blessed that we can afford those trips without thinking, but you’ve inspired me to get back onto my budgeting and meal planning. Right now we spend about $150/week… we buy a lot of fresh food but I know we can do way better than we have been. We used to be able to do it on about $80/week. Shopping with my little one is challenging as well and she definitely doesn’t like to be told no and there were quite a few tantrums at first when we last did this but they’ll eventually learn 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve always felt that even if you can afford to go to the grocery store and buy what you fancy doesn’t mean you should always do it. Being wasteful is something I truly hate, but after having kids I’ve gotten a little slack and just sort of let thing go. But after the slap of reality when I added up a few months of grocery trips I cannot let that continue. The twinadoes will adjust, and I’ll gladly take the annoyed eyes I’m sure to receive from people that would rather not hear my children’s tantrums from hearing no. I plan on continuing the posts on my grocery shopping changes, my final take on it all and where I land as far as a weekly budget. I’m considering sharing my shopping trips as well. I hope you stick with me and share yours too!

  2. I coupon, I also buy my meat in the big packages and cut it myself. I am learning how to can, but I haven’t started yet. I buy my baking supplies in bulk (can you say 25 pounds of flour for 7.99?!?).

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