One Week In….

Monday was the last day of the first week of my $100 dollar a month challenge.  Nobody complained about the dinners and I only went to the store once, spending $20.15.  To be honest, I was kind of giddy that I had money left over to carry to the next week and even more giddy when I realized I probably won’t need to go to the grocery store this week.


I’m really thankful to the calendar I made for the month of meals, it’s keeping me on track and pretty much keeping the work to a minimum.  It took about two hours to do it from start to finish, and it included going through the freezer to take inventory of the meat we had as well as the pantry.  I finally get the whole meal planning thing, it’s totally making sense.  Next month I’m thinking of trying a once a week shopping trip meal plan where I use the store ad to shop sale items only.

The other bonus to all this is the lack of food waste.  Because I’m trying to make sure everything lasts in order to fulfill their use in my meal plans we don’t have much waste, in fact, so far we’ve had none.  I love that!  Everyone gets enough to eat, but we are not overstuffed, we are just right.  Before I would make so much food, then we would all overeat but still leave tons of leftovers that would usually get tossed.  It’s a new me I’m telling you….

My goal for this week is to stick to the meal plan and do what I can to not go to the store.  Today I’m making homemade baguettes to go with our cheese and canned fished dinner.  I honestly don’t want to run to the store for crackers, and yes I know that whipping up some baguettes is not something most people would do.

For now I need to go start some bread….


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