Week 2 Grocery Trip

I really wanted to try and skip going to the grocery store this week, but alas, I needed to go.  Three things on the list, bread, eggs and yogurt sticks.  Honestly I thought I was golden with this trip, that I would be out of there for roughly $15.  How the heck did it end up being $23.44?  Granted I got two loaves of bread, two dozen eggs and two packages of yogurt sticks, but yowza I was shocked.

Going into the store I had $29.85 to spend ($4.85 carried over from last week), leaving I have $6.41.  This is so eye opening to me, sticking to a budget is hard, really hard.  I have cravings for stuff I just can’t afford and it sucks.

Last night I had my first urge to go out to dinner, but I stuck to my meal plan and had blt’s.  Mr. Housewife already came in and asked if I wanted to leave the kids and go out to an adult dinner tonight.  Then he said “I’ll leave it up to you”.  We are twelve days into this and I don’t think he thought I would make it this far, but I have.

Next month we are going to ease up on how strict the budget is, haven’t quite decided an exact amount, but we are going to eat from sales.  That means I will go by what the stores have on sale each week as a way to save money on food.

I’m a little on the fence as to what to do for November and December.  Those are the prime holiday months, and around here that means lots of really good food, eating out, socializing and making lots of goodies for our friends.  I’ll have to think about that one, what do you all think?  Should I continue on a budget through the holidays?

How are all your budgets coming along?  Any great tips you care to share?


4 thoughts on “Week 2 Grocery Trip

  1. Do you have a grocery outlet, winco, or aldis near you? Or somewhere that sells deeply discounted groceries (better than walmart?) We do, and it helps cut down on our budget. Good luck with eggs…avian flu made the price skyrocket. My husband and I are only a 2 person family and we already go through a dozen eggs a week. You can do it. Good luck:)

    • We have both a Grocery Outlet and Winco, however, they are about 30 or so minutes away. Normally I will plan a stop into a Winco if I know I’m already heading that direction. I’m excited since we got our second egg today, so at least we are starting to get eggs. When they are in full swing we could be getting up to 13 eggs a day, of course three of those will be from little silkies so they will be small. But I’ll take what I can get. Another thing I need to work on is planning what I need and not just heading to the store and blindly throw items in the cart because I want them at the time. Maybe I’ll even learn to can…. maybe.

      • I am learning to can! To help curb what I want vs need, I bring a snack with.me, or sometimes I’ll splurge and get a Starbucks. I have a treat with me, so it’s not as hard for me to say not today. 🙂 congrats on the eggs!

      • Next year I’m going to put some kind of fencing up around the garden so the hens don’t demolish it, then I’ll have vegetables to can. My goal is to learn next year, I’ve already stocked up on tons of jars and a few of those pots for doing the water bath. Something about moving out here has brought out the homesteader in me!!

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