Week 3

We are coming to the end of week three, I was really hoping I could get away with not going to the store at all.  No such luck.  We ran out of milk, eggs (uh hello chickens time to step up your game), half-n-half, and a few other things.  But here’s my dilemma.  Do I count the items specifically bought for the twinadoes?  I started this with the intentions of not letting their needs (notice I say needs) to not be met.

Graham crackers, apple juice and a few other items are not really “needs” but they are items that they have come to expect and know to be available.  Thing 1 is not feeling well and has come down with the first cold of the new school year, so of course I have to make sure he has some treats, right?  He requested a doughnut from the store, and I couldn’t bring something back for him and not Thing 2, right?


My total, using store coupons was $49.42.  That includes all the little extras for the twinadoes.  So do I count it?  What say you?  If I use this total I will still have $6.98 to bet me to the end of the month.  I’m torn….


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