And Then I Went Over…

I can’t believe I went over my one hundred dollar budget.  Uuuggghh!!!  Part was buying treats for my sick Thing 1 (and Thing 2 since you can’t buy for one and not the other) and then more treats again today when Thing 2, my step-daughter and I went to the Farmhouse Market to pick up some fruit and vegetables.  If I subtract the added treats I would be over about $8.50 with eleven days to go.

How am I consoling this defeat?  Going out to dinner with a friend…. However, I did inform Mr. Housewife that we are still sticking to the rest of the planned meals for the month, and they are still having spaghetti and meatballs with homemade baguettes.

How does one stick to a strict budget?  The only meat I purchased was landjaeger for my little Thing 2, but that was almost ten dollars (so if I count that as a treat then I still have $1.50), the rest was fruit, vegetables, milk and bread.  This was a real eye opener for me.  My mind keeps thinking about what if this was truly my reality and I had one hundred dollars to feed my two kids for the month.  With time I have no doubt I would figure it out, but we would go without a lot, A LOT.

We would be kissing organic food goodbye.  So long honeycrisp apples, hello fujis.  The Kit Kats my twinadoes love to sneak into the cart while we are waiting in line, farewell.  It would be bare bones, hell who am I kidding, we wouldn’t be able to afford bones (checked those today and they were marked $3.99/lb).

My hat goes off to all that truly do make these budgets work, you are amazing.  The rest of the month will be interesting, but with a little more determination we can do it.  We will never go back to $2200 a month, ever, that was just ridiculous and shameful.  Instead, we will be on a reasonable budget for our family with an allotted amount we set aside to help those that are not as fortunate as we are.


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