One Week To Go….

One hundred dollars for the month just didn’t happen for us.  As I had stated in the beginning I was not going to have the twinadoes go without items like fruits and vegetables.  Well we ran out of both by mid month so I had to buy those items, and that quickly took me over my budget.  That was a little sad, that buying food items that everyone should be eating was so expensive, I even shopped the fruits/vegetables that were on sale.  The entire time I was tossing apples, bananas, celery etc. in my cart I kept thinking to myself, what if I really didn’t have the money to pay for this, that I had spent all that I had for the month and we were going to have to wait a few weeks.

One big thing even Mr. Housewife noticed so far, our garbage has decreased by half, at least.  Seriously.  Today is garbage day and our can isn’t even filled, normally we are stomping on it trying to get it all in.  The hens didn’t have as many scraps (I use that word loosely since I would buy them extra fruits and vegetables that were meant for them) from our meal preparations because I was using everything I possibly could.  They sure became very appreciative of the scraps they did receive.

At first I sort of missed going to the store every other day, it had become routine.  Now, I’m loving it that part will become permanent.  The waste that was happening in this house was out of control, we won’t be going back to that either.  Some items I will buy a little extra to save in the freezer just to have on hand, but for the most part, no more of that.  The new idea will be to purchase what we are going to use within that week, that has cut down our waste incredibly.

Thing 1 came with me to the store one time this month, and boy was it ridiculous.  After shopping so frugally, seeing his wild hands going at full speed tossing items he “needed” into the cart was frustrating.  I found myself telling him no, and sticking to it.  Did I say no to everything, no.  They do need to learn limits at the store, that not every want is going to be satiated.  They will learn, in time.

So far I’ve gone over about $50, which in truth isn’t bad in my mind.  I still have a week to go and I do need more fruits for the twinaodes, and us now that I’m not really limiting, so it will probably be more like a two hundred dollar month.  That total wasn’t where I wanted to be, but it sure is a lot less than the $2200 of last month so I’ll take it.


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