Home Goods Store

Today at lunch Mr. Housewife said he wanted to go to a store he had seen called Home Goods, the twinadoes were at kid party so I figured now’s the perfect time.  I had seen commercials for the store, but didn’t even know we had one near us.

When I first walked in I was in shock, the place was packed full of stuff, I mean PACKED.  Christmas was everywhere, and I’m feeling all festive so I figured that was cool…

WP_20151107_15_07_38_ProWP_20151107_15_08_00_Pro Who doesn’t need a 7 ft. mirrored reindeer?

Did I mention how busy it was?  Oh and they offer carts to stuff all the crap in as you go along.  So you have a cram packed store full of people and stuff mixed with narrow aisles and oblivious people pushing their ginormous carts.

WP_20151107_15_06_50_Pro WP_20151107_15_06_38_Pro

They did have a really nice selection of cake stands that caught my fancy, but I refrained considering I have about ten of these things at home.  Also I should add that even though everything was completely chaotic they had specific departments for things like kitchenware, bedding, furniture, etc…



My other weakness…tiered trays, I love them, can’t get enough so when I saw a four foot silver tiered try I really had to fight bringing it home…. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it was taller than my cart, however, the $249.99 price tag was more than I was willing to spend.  Not all of the trays were this size, there were some really nice ones, some mirrored, some plain, you name it they had it.





They had a lot of bakeware at decent prices, but it’s stacked all wonky so you have to dig for stuff and check it all over for scratches.

What I did spy and had to have…….

WP_20151107_14_32_23_ProThis purple chair with blinged out buttons.  I saw this and let out a little squeal and for $129.99 I couldn’t say no.

Have you all ever been to a Home Goods?  Was it a fun experience?  Now I do have to say it’s probably not as busy during the week, so if I went back that’s when I would go.  The amount of stuff they had was really overwhelming, but also enticing, kind of like a really cool garage sale.  Incredibly happy I did not have the twinadoes with me, that would have made this little adventure very painful.






7 thoughts on “Home Goods Store

  1. How funny I saw that same reindeer at one of the San Diego
    Stores, it was on sale mark down from 2000 dlls to 350, but somebody had bought it already. I went home kinda of sad cuz I really loved it and for that price it was a great deal. So yesterday decided to go back again and there it was this time had a sold sign with a $250 dlls price. I looked around the store bought a couple things and as I was leaving I said they should ship it to my house. The manager then reply you want it I can sell it to you . I didn’t think about it twice I jumped right on it paid for it and picking it up tomorrow. I love Christmas and this is a beautiful piece I’m planning on using it for our window displays see how I can manage to make it work.
    By the way the best time to go there is about an hour before they close, nobody in line and the check out is very fast cuz they want to go home.

  2. Funny I just a reindeer just like that in San Diego . Saw it about a week ago with a $350 dlls price tag and a sold sign, I went back yesterday and it was still there with a sold sign and a 250 dlls price. I made the comment they should ship it to my place and the manager said u want it? I can sell t to you , I didn’t hesitate one bit. Paid for it and picking it up tomorrow. No idea where I’m gonna put it but I’ll try to make it work on our window display for the different holidays. By the way the best time to go is about an hr before they close , there not too many people usually no children , it’s heaven .

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