Time for More Thyme

Even when we lived in the apartment with the tiny balcony I had herbs.  It was pretty much the only gardening I could do there, my little one foot by 3 foot planter box.  Now that we are at Awesome Opossum I’ve gone a little crazy with gardening, most every area I’ve planted things you will always find at least one herb mixed in the bunch.  Thyme is such a rock star in the garden.  Normally I stick to two types, English and lemon.  Not only does this stuff grow like crazy, it smells amazing (especially the lemon), and of course can be used in the kitchen.

If you purchase a few thyme plants early in the growing season you will end up with plants that can be divided and replanted in other areas in a couple months.   I went a little crazy with the thyme plants this year so I think I’ll be good for a loooong while.

DSC_0277 DSC_0278As the plant grows, anywhere it touches soil it will produce roots, once these roots have a chance to really grow and get strong you can cut that part from the main plant.

DSC_0276I usually let them stay in that area for a couple weeks while they get stronger before digging them up and moving them.

Today I was feeling all Pinteresty and decided to bring a few of the little plants inside to grow in a mini greenhouse.


I grabbed three of the little thyme plants and put in this cute garage sale score (I believe I paid around one dollar for it).  The greenhouse was purchased at Ikea last year.  The pots are quite small so they will have to be replanted in the spring.

WP_20151118_11_28_46_ProNow I just need to put a few things around it to make it a little more “decorated”.



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