First Ever Road Trip



Mr. Housewife had to go to Las Vegas for work (sure buddy….) and asked if I wanted to come along with the twinadoes.  Honestly, I just didn’t think a week in Vegas with two six year olds would be much fun, sounded more like a nightmare, so I declined.  Then as we got closer to the day he was leaving I started having second thoughts.  Thing 2 was getting upset just thinking about her papa being gone for that much time and said she wanted to go.  Good thing it’s summer break so our schedule is our own…..

First idea was to just fly down there, but then I got the brilliant idea to save us the crazy amount tickets were now selling for and just do a road trip.  Let me say, I have never in my life done a road trip that I wasn’t forced to do as a child, everyone finds this so strange and honestly I do too.  Adding to this I decided we would just wing it, didn’t make any hotel reservations or any plans other than the end goal was to wind up in Las Vegas.  Some of my friends thought I was crazy and asking for disaster, but I was like, what’s the worst that can happen…..

First was finding someone to take care of the ladies while I was gone, insert best neighbor ever!!!  I cannot for the life of me remember how I met Her Royal Highness, but I’m sure glad I did.  It was coming down to the last minute and I knew if I didn’t find someone the whole road trip would have to be cancelled, and in she comes, offering up her services.  As a bonus, this experience might have convinced her to get some chickens in the spring, but more on that later….. So anyhoo, chickens are covered, road trip is a go!!

Mr. Housewife left on Sunday night and my plan was to leave first thing Monday morning, drive to Boise, spend the night then proceed to Las Vegas.  Sunday night I tried to get as much done as possible so we could just get up and go on Monday, but of course things don’t always go as planned.  The majority of tasks did get done, but I was still running around in the morning finishing up and it took longer than expected.  Organizing the snacks, luggage, toys, etc. in a manner that worked for me as well as the twinadoes (toys and snacks had to be in the “perfect” spot) was not as easy as just tossing it in, so lost a little time there. I was hoping to be on the road before 6am, but it was closer to 7, no biggie.  So in the car and off we went…..

All was well until the app on my phone spazzed out and sent me on some crazy tour of freeways.  Then, to make matters worse, the app said it couldn’t proceed due to no internet.  Now, at this point I’m sitting in some neighborhood in Yakima, Wa trying to make it work, people outside looking at me like I’m getting ready to rob them or something. A normal person would have just used their car GPS or another map app, but not me, I tried to get this one to work for a good twenty minutes before giving up and used another.  Later I realized (not surprisingly) that this crazy app took me on a wild goose chase, all those freeway changes were completely unnecessary.  Gggrrrr!

Once we got on the correct road it was smooth sailings, stopped for lunch in La Grande, Oregon at the play land in McDonalds.  I’ve never been so happy to see one…. the twinadoes had been in the car for about 5 hours at this point and needed some wiggle time.  I told them one hour and we were back in the car, thankfully, there were no pleadings for staying longer.

Next stop, Boise!!!  Now let me say, I don’t know if they put Xanax in the water in Idaho or what, but those people are the most considerate drivers.  They also know that the left lane is for passing and not camping out.  I was just happy as a bug in a rug driving through there.  Then of course there’s the “Welcome to Idaho” sign immediately followed by the speed increase to 80! I decided to use Boise as the halfway point since it’s fairly big and had good chances of having a place to stay without reservations.  On some advice given to me I simply pulled over, used Expedia and booked a hotel ( I was already in their parking lot).  Five minutes later I was checking in, saved $75 doing this and not just walking in asking for a room.  We stayed at the Riverside Hotel, they not only had a pool, but a splash pad for the kids which was awesome. After a couple hours at the pool/splash pad I had some hungry tired kids… success!!!  The room was fine enough, clean, had all the usual amenities, so everyone was happy.

The next morning we got a later start than I had hoped, again….  I should have set an alarm (duh…) but I didn’t, and with the curtains making the room so dark the sun didn’t wake me.  Oh well…. that’s the fun of not really being on a schedule.  So we eventually got up and went to breakfast since it was included with the room.  By 7am (my time not adjusted for mountain time) we were on our way to Las Vegas!!!

The twinadoes were excited to be on their way, especially Thing 2 who couldn’t wait to see papa.  She’s really a papa’s girl and gets extremely upset if he’s not home or right with her.  The map said we were about 725 miles from Las Vegas, so a couple hundred miles more than what we drove to get to Boise.  From Boise it’s a pretty easy drive, there was road construction, but even with that they only reduced the speed to 70mph, which I thought was crazy.  But again, the drivers actually understood how to drive properly.  Thing 2 loved all the hills and farms, which was a good thing because that’s pretty much all we looked at for ten hours!!

Then the moment we had been waiting for….. in the distance I could see the Stratosphere, we were almost to our destination.  Every time I’ve gone to Las Vegas I’ve walked everywhere or took a taxi, but this time I was actually driving…. let’s just say it’s interesting driving down “the strip”, but totally doable as long as you are not a nervous driver.  It was nice having a car while we were there, valet would bring your car when you wanted and then parked it when you were done so no headache for me.

When it was time to leave the plan was to basically do the same, but in reverse (obviously).  The twinadoes didn’t want to stop in Boise for the night, they wanted to just get home.  I told them we would play it by ear, but if I got too tired we would have to stop so we were safe.  We left Las Vegas at 5:15am and made it to Boise a little before 3pm.  I was not tired at all and the kids were asleep so I kept driving.  Ran into a little traffic but not too bad.  When they woke up I asked if they were hungry or needed anything and they said “no!!! keep driving!!!”.  So I did…..  We stopped again in La Grand, Oregon at the McDonald’s play land then dove the remaining 5 (or so) hours to home.  We made the trip home in seventeen hours and 20 minutes, that included multiple bathroom stops, getting gas in four of the 5 states we went through (you are only in Arizona for a hot second) and dinner at McD’s.  Since we didn’t take the tour of freeways we cut the time down by a couple hours.

After driving to and from Las Vegas I can say I will definitely do another road trip, just not in the near future.  The twinadoes did amazing, better than I expected, even said they had fun, however, this morning I asked if anyone wanted to come with me to get some groceries and they both said they are refusing to get in the car for a while.  Ha!!!




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