My Garden Evolution

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This time last year my dining room was home to my makeshift indoor greenhouse.  I had more seedlings than I would ever use, but it was just so much fun to grow them.  I knew that most of them would be given away, but I would still keep more than our family could eat.  I tended them in the morning, making sure they were watered and rotated under the lights.  It made me happy to do this.

This year I have my small herb garden on the balcony and I’m starting some culantro seeds inside in eggshells.  That’s what my garden consists of at this moment.  That’s pretty much all I can do in our little apartment.

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My garden was something I looked forward to every year.  Trying new seeds, seeing if I could grow even more than the previous year, finding ways to use up what I grew were all things I did.  So when we started looking for a new home I set out in search a yard that would allow me to have an even better garden.  In my mind I envisioned a large flat sunny chunk of land that could be dedicated to endless vegetables, all grown by me.

So here we are a few days before we get the keys to the home we hope to call home for many many years, and it doesn’t have that flat sunny chunk of land I dreamed of.  And you know what?  I’m ok with that.

awesome opossum12

What it does have is this amazing greenhouse that gets wonderful sun.  Pretty much the only spot in the upper property that gets amazing sun to be honest.  The lower part of the property is a different story, but until we venture down there and have it cleared and transformed from it’s natural state to a more usable space I’ll be content with what I have to work with.

Strangely, I’m not that unhappy that I won’t have my supersized garden.  I will have a few vegetables in planters on the deck and in the front of the house that gets a little sun, but that will be the extent of it.  Someday I’ll have a larger garden down below, but not spending all my time tending to my plants will be kind of nice as well.  The twinadoes love to garden so I’ll have a few special planters just for them, Thing 2 will get a planter full of strawberries and Thing 1 well, his gardening is a little more random.

Here’s to a successful gardening season, whatever it is you may be growing….