Costco Trip

Since Reber Ranch didn’t have the chicks I wanted I decided to stop into Costco instead.  Costco with the twinadoes is always an adventure, not always a good one.  Seriously, they start grabbing stuff and before you know it I have two carts.  Oh, and fyi, if you find yourself in a similar situation needing two carts you can park the full one at the front and continue filling up the second and third cart.  Then when you go through check-out they will help you bring it all to your car, it’s quite nice actually.

Ok, so on to all the neat stuff I found…..

Gardening supplies have arrived!!!  I wish I had taken more pictures, but sometimes it’s difficult when I have the twinadoes with me.  Their plant selection was the one thing that was a little slim, but it’s still early in the season.  I did pick up the 9 pack of lavender, thought that was a great price.  I’m a big fan of the pots Costco carries, and their prices make them even more attractive, the blue ones were roughly $39 and the others were around $18.  For bulb fans, there was a quite a few, I picked up the peony and calla lilies.  Then there was this interesting pre-potted planter that you just add water.  I did not pick that up, but did find it interesting.  They also had hoses, tools, gloves, whirlygigs, and some yard art, which I’m sure varies a bit by store.


I was at the Covington Costco, they were having an in-store display of the Burlington shed and let me tell you I was really tempted.  For the price listed that includes them putting it together on your property.  He said that their size was small enough that you do not need a permit (but I would still check just to be safe).  If I had a spot ready for one this would have been highly considered.  The display was so neat, and even had a loft.  Someday….


All the pools, water toys, goggles, etc.. were also in.  We took home this pool since the twinadoes love them.


Are these helpful to have?  The Drunken Breeder is in love with this thing.  I’m not so sure I’m sold.

I really want another hot plate, but want to do a little more research on this one.  I want one that heats up well and isn’t super fussy.  Maybe then I’d do a live cooking show…..


I thought this was a good price for rugs this size, really liked the few grey ones they had.


I had read that they were carrying organic ginger…. and they were.  I picked up some of this.

And who leaves Costco without some alcohol and snacks?  I picked up a bunch of snacks for the twinadoes’ class to have in the afternoons as well as these little popcorn carrots for me.  The wine was definitely one I’ll buy again.


By the end of our trip we were all ready to get the heck out of there.  But overall we had a fun time looking at all the neat stuff and just doing the Costco thing.  Have any of you found any neat stuff at Costco lately?


Crazy Town

When you are used to your life because you live it day in and day out, it’s your normal.  Sure I know my home is a little chaotic at times, ok, most times, but it’s my normal.  However, after yesterday’s playdate with Ivy and her son Batman I really saw just how cray cray we are!!  Just one person that is not in my circle of “regulars” and the bubble is popped.  The hubs and I always joke about how life in our home is definitely loud, wild, and lively, but what I saw through Ivy’s eyes was pure nutzoville!!  Maybe if I hadn’t been to Ivy’s house the week before and experienced the calm, peaceful, ORGANIZED home she kept I probably wouldn’t have been so keen to this vision.  Maybe if I hadn’t seen the look on her face after she looked at the living room and asked “this is after you took three boxes of toys upstairs?”  I think I should have just told myself “she cleaned up right before I got to her house and bribed her kid with cookies and Disneyland”.

Then, just as I finally convinced myself living in Crazy Town was ok, she messaged me to say she was selling some of her kids’ toys and did I need more, the sarcasm was quickly noted and I made a decision…we’re moving from Crazy Town to one town over, Notso Crazy Town.  Toys will be culled, markers and crayons organized, bins and baskets properly used, and the toy room will be used!!!

Not sure what the twinadoes will think of the change, but they are young and will adjust.  We’ll never be quite as organized as Ivy, but we won’t be a shopping trip to Toys R Us away from being on Hoarders either.  And, just to note, we have no animal feces or dead things under massive piles of junk!!

Off to cull some toys…. Hey Ivy, we’re having a garage sale next weekend, need some toys?