Costco Trip

Since Reber Ranch didn’t have the chicks I wanted I decided to stop into Costco instead.  Costco with the twinadoes is always an adventure, not always a good one.  Seriously, they start grabbing stuff and before you know it I have two carts.  Oh, and fyi, if you find yourself in a similar situation needing two carts you can park the full one at the front and continue filling up the second and third cart.  Then when you go through check-out they will help you bring it all to your car, it’s quite nice actually.

Ok, so on to all the neat stuff I found…..

Gardening supplies have arrived!!!  I wish I had taken more pictures, but sometimes it’s difficult when I have the twinadoes with me.  Their plant selection was the one thing that was a little slim, but it’s still early in the season.  I did pick up the 9 pack of lavender, thought that was a great price.  I’m a big fan of the pots Costco carries, and their prices make them even more attractive, the blue ones were roughly $39 and the others were around $18.  For bulb fans, there was a quite a few, I picked up the peony and calla lilies.  Then there was this interesting pre-potted planter that you just add water.  I did not pick that up, but did find it interesting.  They also had hoses, tools, gloves, whirlygigs, and some yard art, which I’m sure varies a bit by store.


I was at the Covington Costco, they were having an in-store display of the Burlington shed and let me tell you I was really tempted.  For the price listed that includes them putting it together on your property.  He said that their size was small enough that you do not need a permit (but I would still check just to be safe).  If I had a spot ready for one this would have been highly considered.  The display was so neat, and even had a loft.  Someday….


All the pools, water toys, goggles, etc.. were also in.  We took home this pool since the twinadoes love them.


Are these helpful to have?  The Drunken Breeder is in love with this thing.  I’m not so sure I’m sold.

I really want another hot plate, but want to do a little more research on this one.  I want one that heats up well and isn’t super fussy.  Maybe then I’d do a live cooking show…..


I thought this was a good price for rugs this size, really liked the few grey ones they had.


I had read that they were carrying organic ginger…. and they were.  I picked up some of this.

And who leaves Costco without some alcohol and snacks?  I picked up a bunch of snacks for the twinadoes’ class to have in the afternoons as well as these little popcorn carrots for me.  The wine was definitely one I’ll buy again.


By the end of our trip we were all ready to get the heck out of there.  But overall we had a fun time looking at all the neat stuff and just doing the Costco thing.  Have any of you found any neat stuff at Costco lately?


Oh Costco…..

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I follow a blog of a woman that is all about savings, making things from home, and pretty much just living life.  Well she does this once a month post about her trip to Costco.  Her goal is to not go over $100.  It intrigues me and I look forward to it each month.

She shows some of what she bought as well as her receipt, and each time I see it I think “how the hell does she get out of that place for under a hundred dollars?”.  Seriously that place sucks you in with all kinds of crap you NEED!!!  So I decided to show my trip to Costco, a Real Housewife with a minimal amount of restraint…

First, let me say I was clearly off my rocker to go to Costco the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

This time of year Costco has even more stuff that you know will be gone in a few short weeks, so you are already in this buy it now or never see it again state of mind.  Seriously, they must pump something through in the air because as soon as you walk in your eyes get big and you suddenly feel the need for two carts…. The list of ten items, out the window.

So what did I buy?  Some of the needed items were for all the holiday baking I do like sugar and flour as well as some staples I like to keep in the pantry all year such as my favorite Better Than Bouillon (this stuff is the greatest).  Mr. Housewife needed some of his usual purchases as well.  The combo of that alone was a bit spendy.


Pine nuts are not cheap, but at Costco you can get this 1.5 pound bag for $23.99.  No, it’s not exactly cheap, but for organic it’s a very good price.  Next time you are at the store take a peak at how much they are, you will totally understand.


It’s definitely not melon season so they are a bit higher priced than in the summer months, but the kids and chickens love them so you know….

Then came a few things that always get added to the cart when you go a little hungry….


Their soups are really good, and such an easy quick lunch, $10.99 for two containers is a steal in my opinion so into the cart it went.


And the cheese…. I showed a little restraint and only came home with these.  The Le Delice De Bourgogne, to die for!!!


How the heck did these two items get in the cart?  Oh yeah, I tossed them in.  Definitely not something for all palettes, however, at $59.99 the caviar was a great price to what I normally pay at my favorite caviar shop downtown.  The truffle mousse, it was just ok, won’t buy that again.


Costco will sometimes carry my favorite makeup, Bobbi Brown, so when they do I like to grab it.  This was priced at $39.99, which is lower than at the store.

Of course there were other things that went into the cart, but you can see how it’s freaking impossible to stay under $100, unless you go a couple times a week.  There are times we go and don’t get as much stuff, but on average we get sucked in.  And looking around at the other people in there with their overstuffed carts, we aren’t the only ones.

So in the end we went a little over $100, but I sure got some cool stuff!!

Home Goods Store

Today at lunch Mr. Housewife said he wanted to go to a store he had seen called Home Goods, the twinadoes were at kid party so I figured now’s the perfect time.  I had seen commercials for the store, but didn’t even know we had one near us.

When I first walked in I was in shock, the place was packed full of stuff, I mean PACKED.  Christmas was everywhere, and I’m feeling all festive so I figured that was cool…

WP_20151107_15_07_38_ProWP_20151107_15_08_00_Pro Who doesn’t need a 7 ft. mirrored reindeer?

Did I mention how busy it was?  Oh and they offer carts to stuff all the crap in as you go along.  So you have a cram packed store full of people and stuff mixed with narrow aisles and oblivious people pushing their ginormous carts.

WP_20151107_15_06_50_Pro WP_20151107_15_06_38_Pro

They did have a really nice selection of cake stands that caught my fancy, but I refrained considering I have about ten of these things at home.  Also I should add that even though everything was completely chaotic they had specific departments for things like kitchenware, bedding, furniture, etc…



My other weakness…tiered trays, I love them, can’t get enough so when I saw a four foot silver tiered try I really had to fight bringing it home…. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but it was taller than my cart, however, the $249.99 price tag was more than I was willing to spend.  Not all of the trays were this size, there were some really nice ones, some mirrored, some plain, you name it they had it.





They had a lot of bakeware at decent prices, but it’s stacked all wonky so you have to dig for stuff and check it all over for scratches.

What I did spy and had to have…….

WP_20151107_14_32_23_ProThis purple chair with blinged out buttons.  I saw this and let out a little squeal and for $129.99 I couldn’t say no.

Have you all ever been to a Home Goods?  Was it a fun experience?  Now I do have to say it’s probably not as busy during the week, so if I went back that’s when I would go.  The amount of stuff they had was really overwhelming, but also enticing, kind of like a really cool garage sale.  Incredibly happy I did not have the twinadoes with me, that would have made this little adventure very painful.





One Week To Go….

One hundred dollars for the month just didn’t happen for us.  As I had stated in the beginning I was not going to have the twinadoes go without items like fruits and vegetables.  Well we ran out of both by mid month so I had to buy those items, and that quickly took me over my budget.  That was a little sad, that buying food items that everyone should be eating was so expensive, I even shopped the fruits/vegetables that were on sale.  The entire time I was tossing apples, bananas, celery etc. in my cart I kept thinking to myself, what if I really didn’t have the money to pay for this, that I had spent all that I had for the month and we were going to have to wait a few weeks.

One big thing even Mr. Housewife noticed so far, our garbage has decreased by half, at least.  Seriously.  Today is garbage day and our can isn’t even filled, normally we are stomping on it trying to get it all in.  The hens didn’t have as many scraps (I use that word loosely since I would buy them extra fruits and vegetables that were meant for them) from our meal preparations because I was using everything I possibly could.  They sure became very appreciative of the scraps they did receive.

At first I sort of missed going to the store every other day, it had become routine.  Now, I’m loving it that part will become permanent.  The waste that was happening in this house was out of control, we won’t be going back to that either.  Some items I will buy a little extra to save in the freezer just to have on hand, but for the most part, no more of that.  The new idea will be to purchase what we are going to use within that week, that has cut down our waste incredibly.

Thing 1 came with me to the store one time this month, and boy was it ridiculous.  After shopping so frugally, seeing his wild hands going at full speed tossing items he “needed” into the cart was frustrating.  I found myself telling him no, and sticking to it.  Did I say no to everything, no.  They do need to learn limits at the store, that not every want is going to be satiated.  They will learn, in time.

So far I’ve gone over about $50, which in truth isn’t bad in my mind.  I still have a week to go and I do need more fruits for the twinaodes, and us now that I’m not really limiting, so it will probably be more like a two hundred dollar month.  That total wasn’t where I wanted to be, but it sure is a lot less than the $2200 of last month so I’ll take it.