Thanksgiving Meal Prep Party

Turkey day is not too far away which means  many people are getting all stressed out about cooking a big dinner for their family and friends.  Insert the zillion tips on how to survive cooking the big meal, which I had to have read at least half.  It got me thinking about my freezer meal party and how many of us won’t see a lot of our friends because they will be with their families, and voila, a Thankgiving Meal Prep Party came to mind.

There’s an endless list of dishes you can make ahead so you are not having to get creative using one oven or trying to get everything done so your meal is actually served on Thanksgiving Day.  Chopping up onions, celery, carrots, etc.. takes time.  Making pie crusts, again takes time and can be messy with all that flour going everywhere.  Even though everyone has their own little additions and twists they like to add to their dinners to make them spectacular, there are some things that are pretty common and basic.

Get yourself a few of your friends that are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, some wine and snacks and have some fun prepping ingredients and side dishes that will be served.  Not only will you cut some of your workload you have a reason to get together with some friends that maybe you won’t be able to see on the actual holiday.  Commiserate about your crazy relatives that complain about everything, your skanky uncle that creeps you out, what flavor of the month your brother will be bringing…

Putting together the party wouldn’t be that difficult.  Make a list of things you want to get done like prepping vegetables so they just need to be added when you are cooking, make a huge batch of mashed potatoes, they freeze wonderfully and could easily be reheated when you need them, the previously mentioned pie crusts, they too freeze well. Basically whatever would help out you and your friends.

This is also a great way to take advantage of each other’s skills.  If you are horrible at making pie crusts but have your great grandmother’s stuffing recipe that is to die for then offer up making a batch of that for everyone while someone else does the ten pie crusts.  I’m telling you, it’s brilliant.

Thanksgiving dinner will be a breeze!!!



Thanksgiving is so much fun!!! The craziness of all the food and activities is addictive, I think I could do this weekly. Crazy, I know… This is the first year I’ve taken pictures of food I’m making, why the heck haven’t I been doing this previously? For one, this is my first year having a blog, website and Facebook page (other than my personal one) so I never thought to really take any. Now I take pictures and write down ingredients, another first.

Quite honestly, I feel thankful throughout the year, not just when we are supposed to spout off about being thankful. I’m thankful for the usual biggies…but then there are the smaller ones that really shouldn’t be considered “small”. Everyday I wake up and think how lucky I am to have such a nice life. I have a roof over my head, healthy and happy kids, food in all our bellies, and many luxuries that I know I am damn lucky to have.

I think that the Thanksgivings of today are definitely different than what our parents had and generations before, that doesn’t mean they are any less special, we’ve just transformed. We no longer get cards in the mail wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving, we get texts and emails. My little old lady friend that passed away last Thanksgiving would always send cards, as soon as I saw the envelope in the mail I knew who it was from.

Black Friday….now it’s Black November!! It seems that every day it was “Black Friday deal right now” on every store page. It’s very overwhelming, and I must admit, I don’t really hunt them down, I do the lazy way and wait for other people to post about them. As for today, well, I don’t see myself running out to get early deals, not because I’m offended that any retailer would expect their employees to work on a holiday (for the record, I have worked several Thanksgiving Days) more so I’m just not in the mood. I would rather be at home with my family and friends sleeping off our big meal, and the several mini ones that follow, watching movies and relaxing. And yes, I do think it stinks for the workers that are not doing the same, but that is a totally different post for me…

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! I need to go deal with a turkey and a goose…